What more can I say? Except, thank you Cynthia.


The beef jerky at Angelo's is simply the best I have ever had.  I cannot wait to order and try his other delicious selections (especially his sausage) !

Gene from Connecticut


Hey ya'll.
 I am a former Petaluman who lived on the Coast Guard Base and had 2 kids that went to the Two Rock Elementary. I came to your establishment years ago and asked for a donation for our spaghetti dinner, ya'll obliged. I also purchased your Italian BBQ spice. I came back in a few weeks later and bought it by the pound and then several bottles to mail back to my family in Memphis. We stayed in Petaluma through 2 tours (over 9 years) and I would come in and get my rub... I also found it at Raleys and purchased it through them. I use it as gifts as we think it is the BEST!
I just posted your website on my facebook page so hopefully you will get some random orders :) The Coast Guard sadly transferred my family last month to Buffalo NY. Would you believe they do not know what a Tri tip is? and they sure don't sell it. I found one butcher that would order for me for 10.99 a lb Holey moley...not sure what my carnivore husband is going to do. I usually got it from Raley's on sale, the Angus...military budget you know. You need to school all these crazy people...they need tritip! It was funny that many of my friends from Petaluma that were Coasties and have been transferred back East are suffering from no tritip as well! Why is it not a cut that is nationwide??
I just wanted to let you know that hopefully you may hear from people...if not I may be ordering more rub from you. I brought 10 bottles with me and 6 are already in the hands of my real estate agent and neighbors!
Thanks for the great rub!!! and we sure miss all of our Petaluma peeps!!!!
Trish Anderson
Orchard Park, NY


Sent: Sat, Oct 6, 2012 11:37 am
Subject: Angelos

Hi, I just had to email you and let you know how much I like your place. I work for a commercial HVAC company and travel all over the place for my job. I had driven by your deli a couple of times and for some reason I kept thinking about the cow on the roof. Last week I was driving by and stopped in for a sandwich. The next thing I knew I spent almost $30 and was eating the best sandwich of my life. Also I had bought and brought home to the wife 3 kinds of jerky too. She loves the turkey one a lot.

My only regret was that I didn't buy some olives and more jerkey. And I really wanted to say that the 2 young men working the day I was there were very friendly,nice,professional and made me feel at home there too. I always have believed that if you go to a business of any kind and the people treat you right that they deserve to have their boss(es) know that their customer service was great. Such is this case. And your roast beef sandwich is incerdible too. I plan on stopping by every opportunity I get from now on.

Raymond Jones


Hi Angelo.
Our names are Richard and Shari and we use to live in Napa Valley over 17 yrs ago and miss it terribly but because of family getting older  we are here now.  I was never a jerky fan but my husband was so we stopped in once and then could not stop for over 2 yrs.   Our favorites was the BBQ and Teriyaki Beef and I just could not believe how tender and juicy (if that is possible - they were.  The BBQ sauce is the best in our world.  We shared it with people in Napa and many of our friends then went and sampled and I am sure are loyal customers for years by now. 
We are older now and dont travel like we use to and really really miss the place  the area and that jerky.  I could not find a menu to order from online    --but I wanted to add our testimonial.  I am not a foody but your meats and goodies should be in the World Hall of Fame.  I really mean that.  YOu give Napa such a good reputation and credibility as far as just the best place to get some ambiance of the old country and the skills of a master  - you are truly 'smokin'........ we miss you and your goodies.

Please send or forward me a menu with prices so I can order some jerky -thank you Angelo  God bless you - I think he already has ---   hey, us two for that matter!

Shari and Richard Escalante 


These emails make me feel good even when I am sick. Ciao.

Sent: Tue, Oct 18, 2011 10:42 pm
Subject: Love your beef jerky!

Dear Angelo,

I visited California and Sonoma about one week ago, and bought some of your wonderful beef jerky to bring home to Sweden, where I live. The flavours I got were hot teriyaki and BBQ.

I love it so much, and was wondering if I could order some more, i.e do you ship internationally? I sure hope so - I'm cutting the jerky into small, small pieces so it will last longer, but I know that it'll soon be finished :(

Thank you so much for a wonderful visit and keep making the best jerky ever!!

Best regards




Hi -

I am writing to you in reference to your "Angelo's magic Italian BBQ spice", we first were introduced to it here in New Jersey served on beautiful cuts of tri tip beef by a family that had just moved from California .  After completely falling in love with the flavor and taste my husband has begged over and over for me to try and replicate the dish.  To my surprise, we were given a bottle of your wonderful spice by the couple who hosted the BBQ.  Also to my surprise, I am constantly in search of the "tri tip" cut of meat here on the east coast, it seems quite hard to come by!  I have fulfilled his yearning palate by using your "rub" on other cuts of meat but just recently ran out, which in my house is devastating, I believe my husband is losing sleep over the fact that the bottle is empty!

In closing, we have shared our secret "rub" with friends and family and would like to know how we all go about ordering more?  I am unable to find a website and am hoping this message will get in the right hands that can point me in the right direction!?!?!

Thank you



Hello Katie. Never in my all life I ever received a touching note like yours. Thank you very much indeed. Don't be surprised if you get an e-mail from my web page maker asking your permission to use it on the "testimonial" page of angelossmokehouse.com

Katie, send me your address and, I will be send you 2 shakers of Angelo's magic, absolutely free of charge.Your note, is worth much more than that. It will be my pleasure to do so.

 All the best



ohhhhhhh my husband is so excited, you made his night ! 

And of course, you can use my comments. Often, we only take the time in our busy lives to complain about the bad, it was refreshing to send words of happiness for a change!




Hi Angelo,
It's Anna Banks, the girl who wanted some beef jerky on Sunday. I wanted to thank you for
giving me jerky even when you were closed. It is ssssoooooo delicious!

Thank you very much!

Anna and Stephen Banks



I was visiting Sonoma a month ago with my wife and we happened to drive by your store on the way into town. It looked to be right up my alley, and I have to say, it was one of the best stops I decided to make while in California.

I am absolutely in love with your beef jerkey. In the New York/New Jersey area, we have NOTHING that even comes close to the flavor and quality of your product. There’s a company Wild Bill’s who I used to think made the best beef jerkey - until I tried yours – let me tell you, that stuff tastes like cardboard after eating yours.

Every person that was able to get me to share some with them has absolutely loved it…Seriously though I brought back about 10 different sealed packs and a few business cards with me and have been sharing your product and company info with many of my friends. So far 100% good reactions…unfortunately it is ALL GONE now!

I’ve decided my absolute favorites are the BBQ and the VIP-so I was hoping to order one pound of each. Can you confirm that you will ship the small bite size pieces and not the long strip version – I prefer the bite size pieces more. Also, does the one pound come vacuum sealed all together or in separate smaller packs – I am just concerned about how long the quality remains top noch after opening – I’d rather only open one small bag at a time if possible – if it does come all together, do you have any storage suggestions once I break it open?

Michael Neuhaus




"Angelo; Butcher, Baker, and Pasta Maker"
Colored Pencil by Janet Jones

"My daughter introduced me to Angelo when I visited with her in CA from FL in May 2008. It must have been my lucky day, for the moment he wrapped me in his arms for a huge hug, my artist's eyes took over and I saw the potential for a great portrait. He has a smile that melts icebergs and a hug that makes you feel that you are the most important person in the world to him. When a customer arrived to pick up the pig that Angelo had spent many hours smoking the night before, I saw how proud he was of a job well done. I took a photo that I used as reference for the painting that became the portrait, "Angelo: Butcher, Baker, and Pasta Maker." Since that time, Angelo and I have become email friends and his wonderful sense of humor enriches my days. I love the pride he shows in his craft and hope I've managed to capture in my painting both that pride and his sense of humor."
Janet Jones, Artist
The Villages, FL



This nice lady thought so much about me, she did this picture. If this isn't a testimonial, I don't know what is!

and then there's this from a satisfied customer:

Subject: Order (Janie Speno)

Hello, I would like to place an order, but I do not have a fax.  I will provide you with the information that I see on your form online.  Just in case you have room for one more compliment, YOU HAVE THE BEST JERKY!  I live in Long Beach, went yesterday to this mom and pop shop who reviewers claimed to have great jerkey and I was baffeled!  Thin, dry, disgusting. 

So, here ya have it:

Qty: 1/4 lb. Teriyaki Jerkey

Qty:  1/4 lb. Pepper

Qty: 1/2 lb. of VIP

Qty: 1 jar Italian Salsa

Qty: 1 Italian Spice Seasoning

I love to hear from you. Everybody likes to be complimented!

From time to time, people want to send me photos showing events, during which, they ate my products or to send me letters telling me how much they love my jerky or want to send me recipies. I then try to send them to the guy who makes up the pages of my web site.

That uses up a lot of time, and sometimes I'm so busy I don't get to it for a while, so I came up with an idea-

If you have something nice that you want me to know about, sure, please send me the photo or the letter, that's why I have my email address at the bottom of every page of this web site.

But could you also send a duplicate to www.yourbasicwebpage.com and tell Robert to add it to this page?

Links to other words of praise about me and my products: